Board Election & Candidates
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Upcoming Board Election

Woodlake Board Election image with ballot boxThe Woodlake Board Election and Annual Meeting is scheduled for March 12, 2024. There will be 3 available seats.

Woodlake Neighbors Group has 3 candidates in this election:

Click on a candidate’s name to see their candidate statement.

Election Timeline

candidate flyer with photosJanuary 11, 2024

Woodlake announced the list of Candidates and the timeline for the election. Ballots will be mailed to owners in 30 days.

February 10, 2024

Ballots will be mailed to owners.

March 12, 2024

  • 3pm – deadline for mailed or delivered ballots to the Inspector of Elections, Woodlake Association, c/o O’Toole Rogers, LLP, 3650 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Suite 180, Lafayette, CA 94549
  • 6pm-6:30pm – deadline for hand delivered ballots to the Inspector of Elections onsite at the Woodlake Clubhouse. Once the meeting starts and the ballot counting commences, no further ballots will be accepted.
  • 6:30pm – Woodlake Annual Election in person at the Woodlake Clubhouse, 790 N. Delaware Street, San Mateo, CA 94401. Members my also attend virtually via Zoom.
  • Annual Meeting was adjourned because the required number of ballots for a quorum were not received. The meeting will reconvene on March 27, 2024.

March 27, 2024

  • 3:00pm – Deadline to submit ballots.
  • 6:30pm – Annual meeting will reconvene and ballots will be counted.

Woodlake Election Rules

The 2023 Election of Directors is underway. There are three (3) positions on the Board of Directors to be elected, each having a two-year term. (Bylaws, Art. IV, §§ 1, 3.) If you meet the qualifications to run for the Board and are interested in serving the community in this capacity, please consider submitting your nomination.

In accordance with Article III (“Qualifications for Candidates and Directors”) of the Association’s Election and Voting Rules (Adopted Sept. 21, 2022) (the “Election Rules”), nominees must meet all the following qualifications:

    1. Candidates Must Be Members. The candidate must be a Member of the Association at the time of nomination.
    2. Co-Owners Eligible for Only One Position. The candidate may not run for the Board where they, if elected, would be serving on the Board at the same time as another person who holds a joint ownership interest in the same unit, and the co-owner is either properly nominated for the current election or is an incumbent director.
    3. Member in Good Standing. The candidate must not be delinquent in the payment of any regular or special Assessment. See Article III, Section B.1. of the Election Rules for more information regarding this qualification.
    4. Member for One Year. The candidate may not run for the Board unless that person has been a Member for at least one (1) year prior to the time of nomination.
    5. Criminal Conviction. The candidate may not run for the Board if they disclose, or if the Association becomes aware of, a past criminal conviction that would either prevent the Association from purchasing the fidelity insurance coverage required by Civil Code Section 5806, or any successor statute or would cause such coverage to be terminated.

Woodlake Neighbors Group Election Committee

We have put together an Election Committee to help plan for the upcoming election. Our plans are to:

  • Help potential candidates prepare their statements and take photographs to submit with their applications.
  • Organize a Woodlake Neighbors Group “Meet the Candidates” event for candidates to share their vision for the changes needed at Woodlake.
  • Assist potential candidates with drafting talking points and creating promotional flyers.
  • Provide insight into sitting on a board and the time commitment required.
  • Establish a grass-roots election network within each building to help get out the vote.

If you are interested in participating with the Election Committee, please send us an email.

HOA Election Videos